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Before they came to Sasha Pejčić’s shelter here in Nis, Serbia, each of these dogs walked through fire. They fended for themselves on the streets or in neglectful homes and so many of them arrived with broken bones and broken hearts. But HEALING takes place here. The dogs soon learn that they are loved and cared for. Life at the shelter is truly transformational, but the funding that had come from a charity in Austria has slowed to a trickle. Last month the dogs had no food for two days and there’s only enough food on hand now to last a few more days.

Your donation to the Harmony Fund’s emergency fund will enable us to respond to the financial crisis that has gripped this shelter. The Harmony Fund is asking for your help today in making sure these dogs will continue to have this haven and that ample food and veterinary medicines will be available throughout the year.

All year long, our emergency fund is a lifeline for animals in need, animals who would otherwise fall through the cracks. Your tax deductible donation today will help the dogs in Serbia, and if you choose to enroll to make monthly donations, you’ll stay at the forefront of animal rescue efforts across the planet all year long.

Monthly expenses for these dogs in Serbia are:

  • 3,600 Euros for dog food ($4,698 US dollars)
  • 960 Euros to pay the workers ($1,252 US dollars)
  • 150 Euros for rent/electricity/water ($195 US dollars)
  • And an average of 500 Euros for basic veterinary medicines ($652 US dollars)



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    Please give if you can. The thought of these dogs going hungry for 2 days even at the rescue place makes me so sad :(
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